Catering Menu

Sit Down
(minimum 20 adults)

House Salad
Choice of salad dressing

Entrée Choice
(Bread & butter on tables)
Gus’ Schnitzel: Breaded pork cutlet served with vegetables and mashed potatoes
Roast Loin of Pork: Bone-in roast loin of pork served with mashed potatoes, vegetable and sauerkraut
Hungarian Goulash: Cubes of braised beef simmered in an onion sauce served with red cabbage and mashed potatoes
Gus’ Bratwurst: A house-made traditional German Pork Sausage served with sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes
Gus’ Meatloaf: Zesty & spicy served with mashed potatoes and vegetables
Grill Chicken Breast: Marinated grilled chicken breast served with mashed potatoes, and vegetables
Broiled Filet of Cod: Filet of cod served with mashed potatoes and vegetables
Carved Roast Turkey: Hand carved white meat turkey served with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Vanilla Ice Cream or Cheese Cake

Coffee, Tea and Soft Drinks

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