Ken O’Brien - December 20, 2017
"Never disappointed. Great bratwurst, Smoked porkChop, Scnitzel, red cabbage, Sauerkraut, meat loaf, even the burgers are great.
Anxious to try Sauerbraten. See you soon"

Dennis Newman
"Gus' Tavern is a warm and friendly place to enjoy wonderful, hearty food and drink and, if you like, some lively discussion! It's our favorite place to go! Cheers!"

Jodi A. Zaback Gaudioso
"Gus's Tavern is a family run restaurant. Love the family, and the staff. The food is impeccable! You will NOT get this quality from any other restaurant. Thank you for bringing me into your family seasonally.... I have really learned to love you all so very much. I truly hope folks realize the quality of food they getting, and want to patronize and support your wonderful family restaurant. Thank you from the bottom of my heart... xo"

Rolf McCabe
"Once Again, Last night the Prime Rib was Nothing Short of HEAVENLY...See Ya Next Time - RMc"

Susanne Valois Giannotti
"I had such a great time last night at Gus's Tavern...the service was excellent and the prime rib was delicious...cooked to perfection!"

Jill Varricchio
"Had the best TWIN Lobster tails.. perfectly cooked there.. and my friend had a custom cut -very thick PRIME RIB.. that was as huge! go there .. very homey"

Carol Hinton
"When I worked in New Windsor, this was my favorite place for lunch. I never knew that they serves other food than meatloaf as that was all I ever ordered . Their meatloaf sandwiches were legendary, the best in the world."








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